Don’t Let Desk Work Get You Down

Posture that is. Working in an office has its perks, air conditioning, comfortable chairs, neck and/or low back pain, constant internet access, and the list goes on.  That’s right!  The neck or low back pain that you are experiencing could be related to your occupation.  As neck pain is very common among the office personnel, it could be just as easily prevented by an appropriate work station setup and stretching.  Correct positioning of a computer screen, chair height, and keyboard height can prevent strain in the neck and low back. 

 The following recommendations are those for a proper work station: The top of the computer monitor should be just below eye level; the monitor and keyboard should be directly in front of the body and not to a side that would require a person to turn the head constantly; wrists should be placed at neutral, not bent forward or back; back should be well supported by a lumbar support and the slouch position should be avoided; thighs should be parallel to the floor; and feet should be placed flat on the floor. 

In addition to these environmental changes, consider your own posture, as your head should not be pushed forward (ears should fall over the shoulder), shoulders should be back and not rounded forward like that of the creepy character from the Lord of the Rings series, and shoulders should be resting on an arm rest that allows them to be well supported and not shrugged, feeling like they are coming out of your ears.  Take advantage of long lunches, to go for a walk or visit a local gym to optimize your health. 

 Keep up the productivity!

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