Q & A

What Should I Look For In Choosing A Physical Therapist?

For starters, the physical therapist must be accredited.  As with physicians and other health care professionals, physical therapists undergo significant training based on their areas of interest.  Choose a physical therapist who exhibits the care, training and experience to provide the health care solutions you need.

How Do I Become A Patient of RMS / Harvard Physical Therapy?

It is very simple.  All you have to do is contact our office.  Our receptionist will schedule an appointment at your convenience.  If you like, you can speak directly to a physical therapist before making the appointment.  At this time, we will also answer any questions you have relating to insurance and payment methods.

How Do You Determine a Physical Therapy Program?

After a thorough examination, a professionally-trained staff member will provide a complete physical evaluation.  The ensuring treatment will be based on the analysis of the physical, an understanding of your objectives and the recommendations of your referring physician.  Most important, your treatment will be personalized for your situation.

What Will My First Treatment Be Like?

Typically, your first physical therapy session will involve heat, electrical stimulation or ultrasound treatment.  The physical therapist may perform manual procedures such as joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, massage and stretching.  In addition, you will be instructed on how to perform some exercises at home.  Finally, we will personalize a program for your particular needs and ensure that it can be performed safely and effectively.

What Do I Need To Bring On My First Visit?

You should present the physical therapy prescription from your physician and your payment information.  Also, bring your insurance card if it will be covering the cost of physical therapy.  If you are covered by workers’ compensation, you must provide your claim number and the case manager’s contact information.

How Should I Dress For A Physical Therapy Session?

We recommend that you wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing.  This will allow you to easily expose the area that is being evaluated and treated.  We can provide gowns and shorts available for anyone that would like to use them while they are exercising or having therapy performed.

How Long Does a Physical Therapy Treatment Last?

Although it will vary according to your situation, a typical physical therapy session takes about one to one-and-half hours.  Once you establish a routine, you may estimate that this is the usual length of a visit.

How Many Weekly Treatments Will I Need?

Again, this will vary according to your specific needs.  Generally, you may be required to have two to three sessions per week.  We will do our best to schedule visits for your convenience.

Will My Doctor Be Involved With The Care?

Absolutely!  Your physical therapist will assess your progress and regularly confer with your physician.  They will also discuss whether any modifications to your program should be made.  It is our philosophy to work hand-in-hand with physicians on treatment plans.

What Can I Do to Improve The Likelihood Of A Successful Treatment?

The staff members at RMS Physical Therapy and Harvard Physical Therapy are dedicated to giving you the best possible care and instruction.  You can improve your rehabilitation by following directions to the best of your ability and developing a trusting and open relationship with your physical therapist.  The road to success is a two-way street.  We promise to do our part so you also have to hold up your end!