Physical Therapy and Surgical Operations

Physical Therapy and Surgical Operations:

Through out the years, surgical operations have been a popular fix of degenerative joints.  Total knee, hip, shoulder replacements, disc fusions are some of the familiar operations.  Physical Therapy is an essential part of your recovery.  It can be used at all stages, before and after surgery, and on some occasions, in place of surgery. Therapy is all about obtaining optimal function.  Prior to surgery, therapy can prepare the muscles for the trauma of surgery and limit the deconditioning that will follow.  Following surgery, therapy can help with getting the most from the surgery by controlling swelling, increasing range of motion, strengthening,  scar mobility, and overall function.  Physical Therapy can be used as preventative measures, as it can provide stability and strengthening to the joints.  This does not necessarily guarantee full return to your previous function, but the results are at times, enough for daily activities. If surgery is in your future, as your doctor about the benefits of Physical Therapy and if it is right for you.

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