Stretching For Life:

Stretching is not just for the professional athletes, it is important for all ages and activity levels.  Stretching provides lengthening of the soft tissues for better range of motion, mobility, and even muscle activity.  Stretching daily can help decrease the likelihood of popular injuries, such as pains in the back, neck, knee, etc.  It does not matter if you are getting ready for a sports game, break time at work, or starting out your day.  It can be as easy performing a hamstring stretch in a chair, rolling your knees side to side to stretch the back in bed, stretching your neck muscles at your desk.  If you are an athlete, dynamic stretching may be right for you, which includes oscillating movements that improves muscle performance.  So the next time you are getting ready for a game, work, or getting up in the morning, stretch and get the most out of your body.

New to stretching or not sure what is good for you?  Come in and see a Physical Therapist for an individualized stretching program.

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